Event Time
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
25 July 2023

Rethinking Thinking for the 21st Century University

Rethinking Thinking for the 21st Century University: An Innovative, Interactive Method to Enhance Retention by Fostering Critical Thinking Skills

This engaging session is designed for those who are interested in improving retention by fostering students' critical thinking skills. The presenter shares a cross-disciplinary method of practicing critical thinking that enhances retention and is also applicable at every level of the organization. Educators worldwide agree that critical thinking is an essential skill for success in any field. By fostering better decision-making and innovative problem solving, critical thinking skills contribute to the growth and development of every institution. This session is immediately actionable, allowing participants to apply the concepts to their professional and personal lives right away. The presenter shows how this method helps students become more engaged in their courses, make informed decisions about their future, and become better citizens. This session is an excellent opportunity for university leaders and team members to see how they can establish a culture of critical thought, retaining students and producing graduates who think better--which is the greatest investment of all.


Event Speaker(s)