Event Time
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
24 July 2023

Strategy in the Midst of Chaos

Strategy in the Midst of Chaos: Pursuing a Bold Path for Enrollment and Financial Success

To say that higher education is in the midst of unprecedented change, stress and speculation is clearly stating the obvious. What should also be obvious is the need for colleges to consider a different approach, yet that seems very difficult to do. During this session, the presenter will share how one campus has worked to maintain a position of strength during these challenging times. Time will be spent discussing organizational structure, market position, working with vendors, internal communication and approaches to strategic growth through recruitment and retention. The session will include what worked well as well as what did not work well – so that you can avoid similar pitfalls. The presenter brings a unique perspective as a senior campus leader, former consultant and C-suite executive on the vendor side.


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