Keynote Address

Keynote Address

Victoria J. Dutcher, CEO and President

Dutcher LLC in Stowe, VT


Campus closures. Mergers and acquisitions. Declining markets. International pressures. Soaring costs. Unsustainable discounting. The environment faced today by small colleges is daunting. Is there a path to success, or is it time to call “game over?” What most institutions call strategic planning bears little resemblance to a strategy, and a lack of strategy is where many colleges have fallen down. Victoria shares her perspectives on over 30 years in higher education for developing an organization that can maneuver its way toward financial stability.

Presenter Bio

After consulting with over 100 institutions across the US and abroad, Keynote Speaker Victoria J. Dutcher founded Dutcher LLC in 2013 out of a deep concern for the future of higher education and the need for new leadership skills in a shifting environment. The company mission is to help colleges and universities outlast the daunting obstacles of our time, through developing sustainable revenue strategies and training higher education leaders in the discipline of strategic thinking and performance-based assessment.

A first generation student and one of eleven children, Victoria worked her way through college and earned her MBA while working full time. Hard work, perseverance, the courage to speak up, and an irreverent sense of humor have all contributed to her success. Victoria lives in Stowe, Vermont, where she practices yoga, enjoys the call of the mountains in all seasons, rebels against mass consumerism, and engages in continuous expression of gratitude for all of the opportunities she has been given.